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AHTCK announces "Antagonist" - Pre-order!

2020 could definitely use some good news! We've locked ourselves away in our recording studio we built in the northern edge of the Los Angeles County Wastelands. We've finally emerged with a full-record! Something we've wanted to do for a very long time.

You'll recognize a few tracks on this album; tracks like "Go Then" and "Kickstart the Mayhem" from 2017's "Prelude to the Apocalypse EP" make an appearance. We also released some singles last year leading up to this release like "Give 'em a Fight" and "Something in the Dark."

Antagonist drops on December 18th. You can pre-order the album on our merch site here! Our album pre-order is chock full of goodies that will ONLY be available via this special pre-order. PRE-ORDERS WILL CLOSE FRIDAY DECEMBER 4TH SO GET YOUR ODER IN ASAP!

Need an excuse to pre-order the album? Check out these tiers and order at our merch site today:

Thank you again for all your love and support! We're live on Twitch playing videogames a couple of days a week, Jackbox games with viewers every other week - as well as live performances every month! Check us out there and join in on the fun!


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