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2018 - More Shows, More Music

2018 marks another year around the sun and that only means one thing: We're finally crawling out of our Post-Wasteland Weekend caves and we're going to HIT THE ROAD! Our TOUR DATES section has been updated with upcoming shows all over California! We're planning on hitting Arizona again, as well as Nevada, and maybe even Mexico! We're currently booking as many shows as we can because we're in money-raising mode! Why, might you ask? Well...

In 2017 we finally sat down and agreed that we needed our own personal recording studio if we were going to start pumping out MORE music at the same quality that you expect. We set out and built our own private studio - Studio XIX. Now, we're raising money through merchandise and music sales to upgrade the studio so we can add some necessary hardware and tools to pump out more music, much quicker. Stuff like interfaces, preamps, microphones, cables... You name it, we need it. We are about halfway to our goal right now - solely through merch sales, music sales, and paid gigs. If you want to help out, you can pop on over to our store and buy some merch. Or hit up our Bandcamp page and buy some music through our "Name your price" system. Every little bit helps and gets us closer to our goal of raising money to make more music.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page - find us on any of the other social networking sites and we will see you on the road!

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