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Here we go again!

Photo by Mark Matcho

Wasteland Weekend was truly another epic experience. This was our sixth year on that stage and we can't wait to go back! 2017 was full of struggles, changes, and upgrades. We built our own recording studio and filmed a music video for "Go Then" as our FIRST STEP in breaking in Studio XIX (Dark Tower fans will recognize that reference immediately!). We also dropped "Kickstart The Mayhem" as our Wasteland Anthem of 2017 and everyone LOVED it. The video featured many of the Wastelanders we've come to know and love and grow with. From the home-made trailer stage we performed on in 2012 to the new stage that some of us in the band helped BUILD with our own damn hands... It's been a helluva journey. This year Wasteland Weekend also moved to a new permanent location in the Mojave desert. We are honored to help them kickstart the new and exciting time on our new homeland. These two tracks are also very special to us since they're featuring the newest member of AHTCK - Daniel Real (who earned a Wasteland name this year; The Real Deal!). Danny joined the band while we were building the studio and immediately jumped head first into the whole Wastelander lifestyle. Expect to see him (and the rest of us) running around the Wasteland causing all sorts of issues.

In 2017, we also finally took the chance to step out of our comfort bubble and hit the road. We played a one-off show out in Tuscon AZ for the Wastelanders who were BEGGING us to come out. So we did it. And it was a HUGE success. We'll be back! 2018 will be the year of SHOWS. We've been constantly recording and releasing new music every year and neglecting the live aspect of this band. It's time to change that. We will be hitting shows ALL OVER the place in 2018. Los Angeles, the Bay Area, San Diego, Nevada, Arizona... Anywhere we can knock out a show or two over a weekend - we will be there. Our merch store has been updated with new shirts we released for Wasteland this year - we ALMOST sold out but there are still some available online! Get 'em while you can. We'll re-up as soon as we play some more shows, sell some more merch and raise some more money! Our big goal this year is to upgrade our studio. Currently we split the load of recording duties with our pal Evan Rodaniche of Cage9 in Downtown Los Angeles. We want to be able to lighten his load (and our wallets) by recording everything on our own and then leaving Evan to handle the producing and final mixing and mastering. This is a goal we'll me moving toward this year. A better equipped Studio XIX means MORE music readily available for you!

Thank you for an OUTSTANDING year! 2017 started our rocky, but we had the times of our lives. Nothing left to do but move forward and kick some ass!

Get ready - AHTCK is only going to get bigger and better as time goes by. See you on the road!

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