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2017 - You can run, but you can't hide!

We're not even through the first week of January and we've got some great news for you, kid. In support of our newest release (The Ascension EP - Buy it here!) we will be hitting the road! Since we're all lame and have day-jobs that we can't run away from for months at a time - we're gonna weekend-warrior it up. We've already added three dates to this year - all over the place.

January we will be hitting Ventura, CA again - with our BFFs by the beach; The Velveteen Band! Those guys must be just as crazy as the puppets that sing for them because they keep inviting us back!

February marks a kind of special show - we've been asked to perform at the Wastelanders Ball - a Post-Apocalypitc formal event!... whatever the hell that means! We'll be performing with none-other than ABNEY fucking PARK, famed Steampunk.Industrial/band/peoples... They're tough to explain, but right up our alley in the apocalypse we thrive in.

March - we're hitting Tuscon, AZ with SCAR EATER. These guys are rad wastelanders who've been inviting us out to Uranium Springs (another rad Post-Apoc event in AZ) for years. This might be the year we make it happen, but until then - March 11th.

More shows to be announced! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD, SKAGS!

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