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Thank you, Wasteland Weekend!

Holy CRAP! What a helluva weekend! This was our 5th year on that beautiful stage - hell, we remember when it was a shitty trailer with a 150 watt PA system. No one likes to talk about that stage. It only brought questions to mind like "Why do we jump around so much?" "Are those lights going to fall on us?" "OH GOD STOP JUMPING." Wasteland Weekend immediately became special to us - no group of fellow Apocalypse Enthusiasts has ever welcomed us so quickly. This has become our "homecoming" show. We've been dubbed the "house band" of Wasteland Weekend - and it's a badge we wear proudly. No matter what, we can always rely on our family in the desert to end our year on a high note.

That being said, we have some great news on the way. Stay tuned - we've just dropped the new EP (which you can buy HERE) and we're gonna be hitting the road! See you soon, travelers!

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